Rabbit Hutch Designs

What to Consider in Rabbit Hutch DesignsWhat to Consider in Rabbit Hutch DesignsHere are certain fundamentals that should never be left out when you are designing the hutch that you will be keeping your rabbits in. it is true that there are very many different rabbit hutch designs available at official website of Rabbit Expert but there are certain basics that for up all these designs and that should never be ignored. These are as discussed below.SizeThe size of eth hutch is one factor that should always be considered. The size that you will choose to go with will normally depend on quite a number of factors including the number of rabbits that you intend to keep, their ages and their sizes.


Ideally, the best size of the hutch is usually four times large than the size of the rabbit itself. The breadth, the length and height should all be considered when determining the size. The height should be enough to allow the rabbits to stand in an upright position comfortably.LocationWhere you will put up the hutch is another very important factor. The design that you come up with should be a design that will be able to comfortably fit into that specific location that you want to put the hutch in. 

you do not want to design a hutch and build it only to find out that it is too big to fit in that specific location that you had intended for it or it has a shape that cannot allow it to sit comfortably in that location.MaterialsMaterials factor very much in rabbit hutch designs. Whatever design you come up with, it should be one that can be easily brought to life with the materials that are readily available in your locality. Do not go designing things that will require you to use materials that cannot even be sourced locally. 

Your BudgetTo bring the design that you are coming up with to life, you will need money to buy the required materials, prepare the ground on which the hutch will be placed and pay the people who will both come up with the design and do the actual construction, unless of course you are planning to do all that by yourself. If that is the case then you will still need to have money to buy the materials that you will be using. It is important that you have your budget in mind when coming up with the design. Make sure that everything that will be required to bring the design to life is well within your budget.

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